Jenna Ushkowitz’s Tattoos - Count: 10
(That we know of)

1. Music Clefs forming a heart: On the back of her left shoulder.
Earliest photographic proof: August 28th, 2009, but she’s been quoted as saying this one is her first, so she had to have gotten it before March 5th 2009

2. “imagine” (John Lenon song covered in season 1): On the outside of her left forearm.
Earliest photographic proof: August 25th, 2009. She got it at some point on the signing tour with Lea and Kevin. She did not have it as of August 20th.

3. A blue star: Just below the inside of her left elbow.
Earliest photographic proof: Augest 26th 2009. She did not have it as of August 20th and most likely got it at the same time as the “imagine” tattoo.

4. The outline of a bird: On the inside of her right wrist.
Earliest photographic proof: March 5 2009

5. “Learn to fly” (Beatles Lyrics): Underneath the outline of the bird on the inside of her right wrist. (was added at least a year later)
Earliest photographic proof: April 17th 2010. It looks like she might have had it as of April 5th at the white House but it’s hard to tell with the fishnet gloves she wore in the performance. She didn’t have it yet as of March 13th.

6. “All you need is love” (Beatles Lyrics): Along her left side rib cage.
Earliest photographic proof: June 10th 2010 is the only time it’s been visible.

7. “XXVIII” (not confirmed, but likely): On the inside of her left forearm. It’s 28 in roman numerals, but it could really mean any number of things.
Earliest photographic proof: Dec 5th, 2010. She did not have it yet as of Nov 1st 2010.

8. “Strongwill”: On the back of her right shoulder.
Earliest photographic proof: July 23rd 2011

9. Unknown: Curving around the bottom of the outside of her right ankle.
Earliest photographic proof: Some point between Feb 17-20th 2012, but given it’s location her shoes always cover it, so it could easily be a lot older.

10. “and everything is you” (not confirmed, but likely): Along the inside of her left foot.
Earliest photographic proof: June 24th 2012 is only sighting so far, and as of May 31st 2012 she didn’t have it yet.
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